A Soulful Dating Course

Hi Friends!

Are you ready?

READY to STOP dating TOXIC men and to FINALLY find your SOUL MATE? Are you sick of going on one bad date after another? Do you want to be done dating the wrong men, once and for all?

If so, you are in the right place!

I dated the wrong men for YEARS. 17 years to be exact!  These men were toxic and some of them were even emotionally and physically abusive. It is amazing what we put ourselves through just to find the partner that is right for us.

I am here to tell you that you do not need to struggle any longer. There is an easier way. With the help of my book and program, you will find the man is destined to be yours, pain-free.

I put all of my hard-won lessons into my book. Today I am married to my soul mate and living my dream life with my growing family. I can’t wait to teach you how to find your soulmate, just like I did!

I have written a book called Toxic to Soulmate-A Christian Women’s navigational guide to soulful dating. In fact, the book just went on bestseller status on AMAZON!!  click to pre order the book!

In addition to writing the book, I have created a course that follows the 8 step process, which I have laid out in the book. I have created these steps based on my own trial and error process I used to break away from my negative dating patterns. The great thing about the course is that I can personalize it according to your individual needs. It allows me to hear about your past and what makes you, you.

I am honored to come on this journey with you and I promise you are worth investing in yourself. Investing in this course ensures that you WILL NOT SETTLE for anything less than what you deserve.

The course will be a four-week process (we will meet twice a week) and it will transform your personal life, forever.

The benefit of this is that I will be there to support you through all of it and guide you to your soulmate.

In this course you will learn:

*healthier patterns of dating

*meditation techniques to remove emotional blocks that keep you stuck in the same unhealthy dating patterns over and over again

*how to become specific about the man you are looking for and learn how to find him through different dating platforms

Ladies, he is out there! You just need the tools to find him!

Are you ready?

Then sign up for the course below! Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding the course.


A Soulful Dating Course

Let me help you avoid dating toxic men and find your soul mate! In this 8 step navigational journey you will find the man of your dreams and become transformed! Let’s dive in! (no refunds/non transferrable)